Getting started

Learn about Expressive Animator's mission and how we plan to make SVG animations accessible to everyone.
Expressive Animator is a highly performant web-based application specializing in vector animation and motion design. Our mission is to make animated SVG accessible to everyone by providing a powerful and intuitive animation tool that can be accessed and used on any desktop or laptop device.

High performance

To succeed in our mission, we knew from day one that the key to creating fantastic web-based apps is to bring them on par with native desktop apps in terms of performance and user experience.
That's why we ported Skia, the graphics library behind Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Android, to the web using WebAssembly and designed our animation app as an installable PWA (progressive web application). The result is an application that looks and feels amazing and performs impressively well, even on devices with modest hardware specifications.

Offline capabilities

Another important aspect is the Expressive Animator's ability to function offline, allowing users to be creative even when they are off the grid. Once you finish the setup process, Expressive Animator no longer requires an active connection to the internet and works 100% offline.

Animated SVG

SVG is the standard vector format of the web, and it is a highly versatile format with many use cases, one of which is animation. The only downside is that you must write code to animate an SVG file, making it inaccessible to non-coders.
Expressive Animator is here to change that and to facilitate motion designers to animate vectors using familiar animation instruments that are easy to use and highly intuitive.

No friction for early adopters

We have eliminated all potential frictions for our early adopters by removing all the barriers that limit creativity. You can use Expressive Animator for free without creating an account and learn how to make it a valuable addition to your creative toolkit.
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